Confectionery producer „Miś” Sp. z o.o., based in Oborniki Śląskie, manufactures and distributes a wide range of biscuits, dry wafers, layered wafers, marshmallows, „Pyszne Mleczko”, and other confectionery products. Thanks to years of experience, we have developed our own production formulas which result in the unique taste of our products. The „Miś” brand has been known for over 50 years; it successfully manages to combine traditional values with the use of high quality raw materials. We are also proud of a fruitful partnership with a number of manufacturers; we provide them with support in the production of their own brands.


The history of the confectionery producer „Miś” dates back to 1956 when, in a modest studio situated in Wrocław, a team of 30 people started producing delicate crispy wafers, dietetic wafers (matza) and delicious lollipops. The factory enjoyed a good reputation from the very beginning. In subsequent years, the production of a variety of confectionery was launched with a touch of fantasy: dragées, fruit jellies, fruit-flavoured powder drops and biscuits. The breakthrough period for the company was 1970s, when we developed the infrastructure further and acquired two new production plants. The plant in Sobótka launched the production of premium quality „Pyszne Mleczko”using a traditional recipe based mainly on manual production. The plant in Jelcz-Laskowice launched a wide range of biscuits and shortbread in a variety of shapes including chocolate coated biscuits, perfect with morning coffee or afternoon tea with family and friends. They are still produced today. In 2008, the company was acquired by Delic-Pol S.A., which led to technological improvements and the introduction of innovative solutions without compromising on our traditional values. Since January 2013, „Miś” has been owned by Horizon Equity, an entity investing in small and medium businesses operating in Poland. The new owner intends to grow the company by developing the product range and expanding the sales network in Poland and abroad.